Because hanging decorations on Christmas trees is so 2013...

Words by

Boris Hall

Life for the modern day hipster can be hard. People just don't realise how difficult it is to continuously differentiate yourself from the clean-shaven conformists of society. Competition has gotten so high in recent days, that a caveman beard coupled with a tapered outfit and slicked back hair is simply no longer enough. 

To avoid being mainstream this festive season, you know what you have to do... It's time to adorn that perfectly groomed beards of yours with bright, shiny Christmas balls.

Thats correct, a London Ad Agency has created Beard Baubles, a company that specialises in creating shiny Christmas ornaments for facial hair. If for some reason you thought this idea was stupid, than you should know that demand for these beardy decorations has been so high that the company has completely sold out of stock. It would seem that attention hungry hipsters the world over have flocked to the idea of turning their beards into mini christmas trees. On a positive note all the proceeds from this invention will go to Beard Season, a charity that works with melanoma. 

It can only make you think, what will the cutting edge world of hipster beard fashion think of next? 


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