Lines between empowering and overly-sexualised are being blurred.

Words by

Amber De Luca - Tao

David Jones recently released two short ads as part of their #itsinyou campaign. They're about inspiring confidence, but unfortunately they haven’t quite been received as intended.

The ASB (Advertising Standards Bureau) has received a number of complaints since the campaign's release, suggesting that David Jones has breached ASB standards by portraying women in a disrespectful way. They've also argued the ads are overly-sexualised.

The complaints come from viewers who believe the models’ skin exposure, expressions and movements provoke a sexual response.

David Jones has stood firm despite this backlash, stating their ads’ purpose is to empower women and that they have not breached any guidelines.

The two ads titled Fierce and Confidence feature two models strutting their stuff in lacy underwear and above-the-knee dresses. Model and brand ambassador Jessica Gomes is in fact seen topless at one point, but only from behind.

At this point, the ASB has backed David Jones, saying their digital campagin has not breached the Advertisers' Code of Ethics.

Aside from all the criticism, David Jones have also received positive feedback stating the ads are positive, creative and sophisticated.

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