A step in the right direction.

Words by

Zoe Beer

In some rare, self-esteem boosting news from a big retailer, ASOS has featured models with stretch marks in its new product shots. 

The move to ditch the airbrush has been applauded widely. The images have gone viral on Twitter and re-opened the conversation around body positivity.

It seems like ASOS has figured out the PR secret to a genuine and positive viral response: Do something quietly, let the Twitterverse pick it up by themselves and voilà, standing ovation. It's gone a tad better than the retailer's previous attempt at body positivity, too. Last year, it tried to celebrate plus-sizes and got attacked for it instead.

Speaking of online hate, not everyone is a fan. Some called out the fact that, because the models are thin, this barely scrapes the surface when representing ‘normal’ bodies.

But the majority of people are taking this for what it is – a step in the right direction.


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Calling all uni students/fashion lovers/trend spotters/social media addicts.
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This is going to be big.
The online retailer does it again.
Ditch the reindeer sweater this year.
As if we didn’t already have every ASOS item in our basket, they’ve gone and released their SS14 lookbook - and we LOVE it.
The new ASOS WHITE collection has dropped. Hide the red wine.