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Naomi Hatton

In its sixth season, Fashion Palette is the fashion company showing the US market what we’re all about here Down Under – mateship.

Every September, Fashion Palette focuses on integration and support, featuring emerging and established Australian designers in New York as part of NYFW.

We attended the Swim/Resort SS17 and Ready-To-Wear SS17 runway shows in New York this week, and there was no lack of innovation and talent.

As we’ve come to expect from collections this time of year, feminine feels and nude colour tones were abundant, paired with satins and sheer layers.

The blistering heat outside did not detract from the show itself and the flowy, breathable collections were welcomed with open sweaty arms.

Held at the always cool Pier 59 studios in Chelsea, highlights of the runway shows included labels Con Ilio, Stephanie Chehade, Sui Generis and Natalie Rolt.

Jaws dropped as Melbourne-grown designer, Con Ilio, presented his collection, reminiscent of something out of a fairytale. Gowns were extravagant but sexy, with stunning intricacy and close attention paid to finer detail. There was an emphasis on the Victorian Era with cinched waists and layered textures. The silhouette of a woman never looked so dreamy.

Con Ilio's opulent fabrics, sourced from Paris to Tokyo, set the bar high for his first collection.

You can view his, and the remaining collections, above.


Brian Ach via Getty Images

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