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If you spend Monday to Friday trapped behind a desk, dreaming of a career that's a little more glamorous, we've got good news. Australian Style Institute is calling on individuals with an eye for style. They're helping you to discover your full potential at one of their Become a Stylist events.

This unique and innovative weekend of style, fashion and editorial inspiration will share some insight into the life of a stylist. It will also give you the tips you need to begin a career in one of the most exciting and fast-growing creative industries.

Hosted by professional stylist and Australian Style Institute founder Lauren Di Bartolo, the event’s information is based on all the tips and tricks that are taught at the institute.

The event will focus on the power of style and image, identifying your own style and curating your wardrobe, stylist career paths and shopping for a living (ah yes please!) Dates are below and we recommend you register asap. Spots are limited and your dream career won't wait forever. 

Become A Stylist
Melbourne February 20 - 21
Sydney February 27 - 28
Brisbane March 12 - 13
Perth March 19 - 20


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