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Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.

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Veronica Stanford

Barbie: The Icon opens in Milan today. The exhibition, held in the new MUDEC museum, will celebrate the history of the iconic doll, which was originally designed by Ruth Handler in 1959.

The exhibit will cover five sections, beginning with the ‘Who is Barbie?’ room. There's also a ‘Barbie Family’ room, a ‘Barbie Careers’ room, a ‘Dolls of the World’ room and the ‘Barbie is Fashion’ room.

As suggested by the name, the ‘Barbie Family’ room will host a whole heap of Barbie’s friends, family and pets. Ken, naturally, makes an appearance too.

The ‘Barbie is Fashion’ room will cover the iconic doll’s most fashionable moments and include her industry highlights. Expect to see creations from Valentino, Versace, Dior, Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood, Prada and more.

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic. 

[Images via WWD]

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