Say goodbye to handbag woes.

Words by

Leah White

Inter­na­tional acces­sory house PISIDIA have the answer. Leather bags tend to get a tad scruffy with time and fab­ric bags get grubby, but sil­i­cone hand bags (yeah, you heard us) are soft yet durable, wipe clean and are water resistant. 

Inspired by the unique and sus­tain­able prop­er­ties of sil­i­cone, PISIDIA spent years per­fect­ing its use, and are the first to develop sil­i­cone that can be sewn.

Now patented world­wide, PISIDIA’s hand bags are metic­u­lously crafted from the high­est qual­ity sil­i­cone and hard­ware. Hand bags range from an afford­able $155 — $395 and acces­sories range from $25 — $65.