It's about time.

Words by

Savannah Anand-Sobti

Since 2010, Christopher Esber has been in popular demand.

From the beginning, the Sydney designer has said he has been using “fundamental elements from that very first collection; tailoring, shirting, embellishment and leather.”

Alas, now the talented designer, who has won numerous awards including the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival National Designer Award in 2012 and this year's Vogue Italia’s Most Talented Designer Award, has launched his very first online store. 

Now you can get the contemporary, expertly tailored pieces for yourself at a click of a button. Admittedly, the range is rather limited (there are only twelve pieces available through the e-commerce platform), but baby steps. Right gals?

“I design for a woman who loves fashion but she is not willing to surrender herself to it,” says Esber.

“Coming from Australia there is a sense of ease and the undone about what I do. Even if something is more conceptual, there is always a feel of release to it.”

Happy shopping ladies.


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