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Veronica Jenkinson

So it's happening. They're finally making a TV show about the rise of the supermodel in the '80s. And who better at the helm of such a show than supermodel for the ages, Cindy Crawford.

The show will be Crawford's production debut and will centre around the modelling wars of the '80s between Ford Modelling Agency and Elite Model Management. Crawford will also be supported on set by producer of The Hunger Games, Robin Bissel. This should be interesting.

Unfortunately the show is completely fictional, so there will be no supermodel cameos from Crawford and Co. However, given that Crawford is part of the production team we're expecting scenes 'inspired by true events.' If not, there will undoubtedly be speculation galore when the show airs.

The show is fittingly called 'Icon' and is set to air on NBC. We're tipping it as probably one of the best TV shows of all time (not premature at all).


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