Party games.

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Veronica Stanford

One of the best bits about the festive season is seeing how retailers get into the swing of the holidays.

COS is another brand that’s taken to the idea of a short film.

The Swedish retailer has released a short by Lernert & Sander, which sees six furniture designers play musical chairs (with their own chairs).

Why? We’re not really sure but the video is captivating nonetheless.

Each designer is seen sporting pieces from COS’ AW16 Party collection. 

Watch the video below.


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This is how the story goes.
"I just wanna unwrap you, baby."
And because it's by COS, we are in love with it.
Because we all need a little help when it comes to Boxing Day.
To those doing Christmas from the other side of the register.
They seriously know their way around a four-part harmony.
Oh (Chanel) Christmas tree, oh (Chanel) Christmas tree.
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Officially the party of the year (as voted by everyone).
'Tis the season for a touch of daggy.
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Because no one just wants "you" for Christmas.
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