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Laura Kennewell

An internship at Diesel would be pretty damn cool. An internship with Diesel in Italy, holey moley we’re keen.

And yeah, this internship actually exists. Artistic director at Diesel, Nicola Formichetti, was inspired the level of creativity and daring nature of young Australian designers when he visited Melbourne earlier this year.  And as a result, an internship program with RMIT was born.

The internship was originally intended for one student only. However, due to the overwhelming amount of talent present, two students have been given the opportunity to travel to Italy to work with Formichetti.

We had a few questions to ask Paris Moschis and Amy (Yue) Chen, the obvs talented internship winners (hashtag inspo).

FJ: Talk us through your winning designs.

Paris Moschis: The highlight piece from my collection is the denim woven jacket. Each “pattern piece” is woven by hand out of shredded denim, on a picture frame loom. It’s then draped onto a mannequin and hand-sewn together. The idea was to create an object that clearly communicates the processes involved in its creation, which can be just as interesting as something that is super complex.

What was your favourite part about the process?

I worked with an amazing filmmaker and dear friend of mine, Emilia, who helped document the process behind this jacket. When I was informed of the internship, I called her and we were both like fuck yes, because we knew that it was such a moment to be shared between the two of us.

What do you expect to learn from your time with Diesel? 

The brand’s design and making processes. I’ve only ever experienced Diesel through its retail spaces and social media from the perspective of a consumer, so to learn how things are done and by what methods, really excites me.

Have you been practicing your Italian?

I should be! My mother’s from Southern Italy so the language and culture is no stranger to me, but admittedly I’ve lost a little bit of that side of me since moving away from home.

What are your career objectives?

I don’t particularly want to limit myself to the role of ‘designer’. There are slim chances of you being a fashion designer, yet so many other positions that are integral to a fashion practice that are just as creatively ambitious and fulfilling. So long as I continue to push myself and believe in a company’s values, I’m happy to do whatever. I think that’s what the course has taught me.


FJ: Talk us through your winning designs.

Amy Chen: The collection surrounds the concept of fading in denim, age and wear, and trompe l'oeil. I have used techniques such as felting, embroidery and dyeing to realise the collection.

Tell us about the Denim Refuel’d course. 

The Denim Refuel'd course is a collaboration between RMIT and the brand Diesel. In addition to our usual assessments, we also had to fulfil tasks and requirements set by Diesel. During the semester we communicated with the Diesel team and have received feedback on our work numerous times. The course was helpful in that we were able to gain insights into the industry while still at school.

What’s the number one denim staple everyone should have?

A pair of non-stretch distressed denim jeans. 

What’s next for denim in fashion? 

Moving into the higher market.

What are your career objectives? 

To work in an environment where there are minimal restrictions.


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