Words by

Tabatha Turner

Yesterday morning, as we conducted our daily eight-hour Instagram catch-up, we almost wet our pants with excitement.

Could it be? Could the queen of tasteful hotpants and decadent glitz finally joined the craze? Has Donatella Versace created an Instagram account?!?!?!

Yes, the rumours are true. 

Oh Donatella, so chic, always golden, thank you for finally enlightening us with your 60-year-old, blonde bombshell of a presence.

Usually it would be a crime to upload five Instagram’s in the space of 48 hours, however somehow you have made it as fashionable as ever.

Losing your selfie virginity alongside Gigi Hadid in a hip-popping, lip-pouting, perfectly lit, #nofilter Insta, we are so proud and see great potential for your future.

Two days and 100k followers...your ratio is on point. 

In anticipation of what's to come, here are 10 things we hope we'll see from @Donatella_Versace's Instagram account: 

1. Throwbacks
Yes, as many silver Lycra spanks, monogrammed gold chokers and young Gisele Bündchen campaign snaps as possible pls.

2. Pout selfies
Teach us your ways, oh mighty one.

3. #interior shots
Is your whole house decked in Versace merchandise? Do you walls match your curtains? Is your toilet paper really monogrammed?????

4. Make-up tutorials
Please upload a 15 second Instagram teaching us your smokey eye technique. Full stop.

5. #OOTD
Yes, we absolutely want to know what you wear on a day-to-day basis, preferably mirror shots in your walk in wardrobe that we think may or may not resemble the gates to heaven. Put us out of our misery.

6. Pool toy uploads
This Insta trend has come and well and truly fizzled, however we are sure that if they involved golden, lycra-clad, six-pack Italian models, we could probably cope with a few more #giantswans.

7. Flatlays
Preferably of the fake-tan you use to gain that luminescent glow, with links to where we can buy it, pls.

8. #MyDayOnAPlate
What do you eat? What is inside your fridge? What is the nutrient that makes you so glamorous? We will change our whole diet accordingly.

9. Shoe Selfies
Every. Day. This is not a drill. Whether sequined red stilettos or Versace Monogrammed slippers. Preferably also featuring that monogrammed hardwood floor WE KNOW YOU HAVE.

10. Dubsmash
This could be a far cry, but seeing you mouth Fergie’s ‘Glamourous’ would probably tick off every item on our bucket list.

Cue gold leather pants and blonde highlights. Donatella, thank you for inviting us into your fabulous life, we look forward to watching you grow xoxo

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