Prepare to shop.

Words by

Kristanna Sutton

When budgets are tight, the accelerating fashion cycle can be seriously hard to keep up with.

However, being unable to afford our expensive tastes upfront could now be a thing of the past, as Afterpay continues to roll out its payment planning option.

What’s Afterpay, we hear you ask? It is still relatively new, so if you haven’t encountered its brilliance yet, we’ll forgive you.

In short, Afterpay is a service that pays for your purchase for you, then sets up an easy fortnightly payment plan so you can pay them back.

At the checkout, Afterpay will split your payment into four equal instalments to pay off. It’s all totally legit and means you can purchase that amazing half-price coat, bag or any other garment when you see it.

There are dozens of well-known Australian brands already using the platform online, but labels like Veronika Maine and Cue have started to offer the service in-store.

There’s no credit application forms and no upfront fee to sign up. Plus, there’s no interest charged on top of the instalments. It’s a win for merchants too, with non-payment and fraud risks minimised.

There are more and more companies getting on board, so check out the full list of current online shops that offer Afterpay here


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