A change for the better.

Words by

Eliza Sholly

Just when we thought our shopping addiction couldn’t take over our lives any more, Facebook does this to us. The social networking giant announced a new plan on Monday to integrate a shopping function into its mobile app.

You may already be aware of the numerous Facebook groups dedicated to selling and buying items, so this comes as a welcome initiative by Facebook to make these pages more user-friendly.

Facebook outlined recent efforts that span new advertising formats, including the introduction of “Buy” buttons and a “Canvas” format that allows users to explore a catalogue of products before going to the retailers website to buy. There is also a “Shop” section on a retailers Facebook page, and a dedicated “Shopping” feed.

The function is being tested with a small number of US businesses for now, and would eventually allow us to see products all in one place.

While this may be a win for both Facebook and businesses, are we really ready to ditch the family photos and cat videos for one big online-shopping network? Only time will tell. 

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