Timepieces worth waiting for.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

We love a modern update on a classic (ahem majority of our wardrobes), so it's hardly surprising that we're totally in love with The Fifth Watches.

Debuting tomorrow, the label's pared-back timepieces combine contemporary, minimal aesthetics with classic detailing, practically born for tastemakers with an appreciation for the understated. So pretty much us.

The Fifth was created in transit between Melbourne and New York, drawing its name from the unbearably glamorous Fifth Avenue.

The name was first conceptualised after founder Alex McBride was on the phone to his then New York-based girlfriend, whose cab was driving past the iconic strip. Aside from being super romantic, this also means that The Fifth draws style cues from the shopping mecca itself, which is a win for all of us.

Each watch in the debut range is unisex and made to suit a versatile lifestyle, but the devil is in the detail, with a roman numeral V placed on the fifth hour. 

The collection drops tomorrow morning, but you can get one step ahead of the crowd by signing up here.



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