So hot right now.

Words by

Amber De Luca-Tao

The first Zoolander 2 movie poster has just dropped. And of course Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are front and center, pouting it out, giving their best Blue Steel.

It’s been a little over two months since the release of the film’s teaser trailer, so it shouldn’t be long now until a full one is released.

But Derek and Hansel haven’t left us completely high and dry.

Since the release of the two-minute teaser, Derek and Hansel have graced the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Derek has also taken it upon himself to start up his own Instagram.

Obviously, he’s mates with fashion’s most elite. Justin Bieber has already made an appearance on the number one male model's account. Their pic is everything. It's black and white and they're #twinning.

We’re eagerly awaiting Derek’s next move.



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