Goodbye my lover.

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Amber De Luca -Tao

What’s the best part of travelling business class with Qantas? The grey on grey PJs, obvs. They somehow became such a fashion statement that we even started wearing them out to brunch.

…Just me? Alrighty then. Moving on.

As of October 21, the original Peter Morrissey set that earned a special place in our hearts will be phased out. Qantas has decided it’s high time for a new breed of sleepwear. And drumrolllllllll, navy will be the new grey.

The new range of pyjamas has been reimagined by France-based Australian designer, Martin Grant.

To put it simply, they are very, very stylish.

The new Martin Grant PJ set is unisex, cotton and finished with black piping, not a giant black kangaroo. A subtle, yet super sophisticated replacement.

Grant says that material breathability, flattering colours and tapered lines were top priority when coming up with the new design.

According to Qantas, more than 95 per cent of passengers make use of the complimentary pyjamas. So it’s no wonder Grant felt the pressure to exceed expectations delivered by the beloved Peter Morrissey PJ set.

If there’s anything you want from your international flight experience, other than to keep it classy, it’s to remain completely comfortable. Accordingly, Grant ensured the bottoms don’t crawl up the leg and the top has a non-restrictive neckline.

Oh, and to complete the look, there’s also matching slippers.


Images via Business Insider.

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