This is the cutest.

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Vivian Lin

The modelling industry nowadays is becoming more competitive than ever, as young hopefuls continue to turn their best sides to the camera in a race to become the next big thing.

But the rules of the game are changing and the fashion world is pulling some new tricks from the bag, making it even harder for aspiring models to gain an upper hand.

Following Karen Walker’s summer 2015 campaign featuring the impossibly adorable King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Toast, High Snobiety has also taken to modeling some fine-looking canines for their latest sunglasses editorial, “Dawgs of Summer”.

We commend a talented dog whisperer armed with a mountain of chew toys and a jumbo bag of treats, as well as a very patient photographer on this incredible feat, without forgetting a final round of applause for our super cute and furry friends.

Their names? Taco, Hugo, Bruno, Skye and Boo.  


Alex de Mora

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