No funny business.

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Maddie Toohey

World Recycle Week is getting nearer, and one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers is getting on board.

As part of the week, H&M is aiming to collect 1,000 tonnes of your old clothes between April 18-24. The clothes will then be used to create new garments from their recycled textile fibres. Smart and sustainable.

H&M has also enlisted singer-songwriter M.I.A. for the H&M Garment Collecting project. She’s filmed a music vid highlighting the environment impact of clothes clogging up our landfills. And you can become part of the H&M Garment Collecting project yourself.

Each Australian H&M store is already a collection point for you to drop your disused clothes. There will also be garment collection points across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and a fleet of bikes (drop-off points on wheels, if you will) around the cities, to enable optimal donations. Keep your eyes peeled on H&M’s social media profiles for the daily drop-off locations. Once your clothes are collected, they will be sorted, reused and recycled for fresh textile fibres. Pretty nifty stuff.

You might also be surprised to know this isn’t H&M’s first foray into sustainable fashion. The H&M Garment Collecting project has been in place since 2013, and is always available to the public with every store as a permanent drop-off point.

H&M’s ethical commitment is continued through sustainably sourcing natural materials and resources like cotton and water, unwavering animal welfare practices and safe working conditions and wages. The evidence of all this good work and more is available for you to read here and in H&M’s sustainability report.

H&M is really setting the standard for big retailers, showing us – and all fashion's big kahunas – that it’s possible to subscribe to the slow fashion movement and be a fast fashion retailer.

Good job H&M.


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