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Tara Smith

Instagram has finally given us some insight as to why they refuse to #FreeTheNipple.

A global equality campaign, Free The Nipple is demanding the eradication of double standards surrounding male and female topless nudity.

From its inception, Instagram has refused to jump on board, regularly deleting uploaded images of female nipples.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom finally spoke on the resons why. According to Business Insider, Systrom blames Apple’s smartphone app guidelines, which state nudity must be restricted to adult-only apps.

Break those guidelines, and you may no longer have an app on the app store.

However, it’s a fine line that states male nipples are fine, while female nipples are classed as nudity.

Mastectomy scars and breastfeeding photos are classified as okay, while Instagram explicitly states that images of female nipples will be taken down. 

Despite this, Systrom maintains that Instagram remains “committed to artistic freedom.”

He went on to say, “in order to scale effectively there are tough calls.” Looks like banning #FreeTheNipple is one of them.

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