Suddenly we want to get fit?

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The coolest women over 90, Iris Apfel, is not slowing down in her old age.

The fashionista and total legend, has just dropped a very wearable fitness tracker.

The tracker is a collab between Iris and tech company WiseWear, and is pretty stylish because, well, this is Iris we're talking about.

Features include tracking hydration levels and calories burned. There's even a distress messaging feature, which will send your location to a trusted contact should you need.

Of the project Iris stated: "If a technology is going to strive to save my life, then at least take the next step to make me look good while doing it."

And that’s why you're queen, Iris.

The tracker comes in three different styles and will set you back $300 USD. And boy do we want one.


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