The biggest exhibition to date.

Words by

Tara Smith

The National Art Center in Tokyo is putting on a retrospective exhibition for legendary designer, Issey Miyake.

The exhibition will showcase Miyake’s impressive career as a designer, shedding light on his artistic process throughout 45 years of creation.

Known for his technology-inspired pieces, Miyake has always explored the relationship between the body and clothing and the space they make together.

Signature styles include cult classics PLEATS PLEASE, BAO BAO and A-POC, which are all featured up-close-and-personal in the upcoming exhibition.

The exhibition will be divided into three rooms detailing Miyake’s extensive design career. Room A will feature early design solutions from the '70s era, Room B will be creations of the '80s and Room C will explore the main themes of innovative drive and the collaborative projects that stemmed from this.

Highlights include in-depth observations of Miyake’s production process, using unconventional methods to create progressive designs.

This exhibition is promised to be the biggest Issey Miyake showcase to date, and isn’t one to miss.

Check it out in cherry blossom season between March 16 – June 13 2016 at the National Arts Center, Tokyo. 


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