Is... is Juicy Couture cool again?

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

If anything is to demonstrate the power of Vetements, it’s this. 

Juicy Couture – the uniform of every star that mattered in 2002 – may now actually be considered cool again. For this we can thank the subversive brand that is Vetements.

It started when Vetements collabed with JC for its recent Paris Couture Week show. Despite some 18 plus collaborations, it was the Juicy Couture ~lewk~ that got everyone talking (including us).

And now, with the release of Juicy Couture’s Fall campaign, we’re left with one question: 

Is Juicy Couture actually cool again? 

I mean, look at the pink velour bomber on Lexi Smith. Look at it! Is it not screaming “take me home and add me to your wardrobe”? Or if not your wardrobe, the wardrobe of your very stylish friend who looks good in anything and makes you want to try trends you’ll later regret? Except you won’t regret that bomber. That bomber is cool.

Also, the campaign’s slogan is #trackisback. While you may consider this a marketing tool, I consider this nothing more than solid evidence that the track is, in fact, coming back. 

The campaign also features no less than 20 ‘It’ girls and one super cute bubba.

Need more convincing? Watch the video below. The noughties are coming back, baby.


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