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Zoe Beer

The Jenner sisters have been popping up all over the fashion world as of late, most recently stealing the show in the Balmain Spring campaign. So it was only a matter of time before they announced their own line, Kendall + Kylie for Spring '16.

Whereas their recent collections for Topshop and PacSun were collaborations, this will be the first time the sisters have ventured out alone. And from what we can see (which is only a little at the moment) the collection will have heaps of variety to incorporate both of the girls’ individual styles.

They’re covering all bases, with the line ranging from jeans, crops, and shifts to blouses, trench coats and jumpsuits. The colour palette will be mostly black and white, with some hints of pale blue and pink, and there will be lots of texture and detail with cut-outs, lace and mesh inserts.

When dealing with such high profile designers, the celebrity factor can’t be ignored. Yet the sisters (along with everyone involved with the project), have stressed their desire to distance the Jenner celebrity image from the clothing line. It's a seemingly impossible task for a pair that has over 72 million followers on social media between them.

Nevertheless, they're hoping to keep the focus on the clothing as much as possible. And if the collection kicks off, they want to change the label name as well, Olsen twin-style.

Both Kendall and Kylie will stay strictly behind the scenes on this, not appearing in the official lookbooks or campaigns. Although we’re sure to get some previews of the pieces from the girls, so keep an eye on their Instagram.

And there’s good news for those who have a slightly lower budget than the Kardashian klan, with all pieces retailing for under $250.

“One main thing that we wanted to cover was to make sure that it was affordable and still beautiful,” said Kendall. Thanks girls.

Via WWD.

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