Dad bod Ken?

Words by

Veronica Stanford

So, you probably heard the news that Barbie has had a postive body image makeover. But why should she have all the fun?

It has just been announced that Ken is getting a 2016 update.

Meet the range of Fashionisto Ken dolls. There’s beach-dad bod Ken, hipster Ken (with a tatt of Barbie), balding Ken, African American Ken, Asian Ken and petite Ken.

The only thing is, unlike the Barbie line, these Ken dolls aren’t a Mattel creation. They have been produced by U.K-based e-commerce website Lyst.

"Real men don't all look like Ken, just as real women don't all look like Barbie – so it's about time the doll was more reflective and a bit more body positive," said Katherine Ormerod, editorial director at Lyst. 

And we're all for this, though it's a shame Mattel didn't get there first.


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