They’re back baby.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

Sorely-missed cult label Ksubi is making a comeback, but this time they're calling America home.

After falling into liquidation and sadly closing its Aussie doors earlier this year, the apparently indomitable label has garnered a new financial backer and is set to relaunch for spring in The States.

And we can expect very different things from the comeback. Under new creative direction and with a brand new crew, it seems the label’s return will be thoroughly US-Centric with plans for international growth. Design and production will all be LA-based, however word on the street is the reworked label will remain true to its trademark style. Judging by their Instagram, it seems the debut Spring/Summer ’15 offering will see an amalgam of Ksubi signatures: rips, frays and painted crosses included.

There is speculation sans confirmation of who might be stocking the updated threads, and further uncertainty as to whether they will be available down under. But given the loyal fan base Ksubi has retained, we remain ever-optimistic at the brand’s Aussie return.

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