Arts and crafts, adult edition.

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Amber De Luca -Tao

Surprise! The legends at Lazy Oaf have decided to bless us with a preview of its Autumn/Winter 2016 Arty Party collection. 

The range certainly lives up to its name and is as every bit as arty and party as you’ve probably dreamed.

It stays true to quirky Lazy Oaf style, in all of its cartoon-centric, colourful printed glory.

Arty Party comes with its fair share of witty sarcasm, completed with cheeky embellishments including rainbows, a cat, the iconic Lazy Oaf eyes and many, many love hearts. 

Although we need (mostly want) every single garment, the baby pink, cropped tee featuring a cute af white cat is the highlight.

With prices beginning at $40USD, you can get fully excited, because it won’t completely break the bank, or your heart.

Arty Party officially drops on September 8. 


[Images via Hypebae]

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