This will arguably be the breast bra ever.

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Amber De Luca - Tao

Everybody knows that traditionally, a bra is either sexy or comfortable. There's no happy medium.

Until now. Meet lingerie start-up, ThirdLove.

ThirdLove wants to be the first company to incorporate both. The label's focus is on perfecting fit, with nifty tricks like half-cup sizes (thank you very much) and an iPhone app that measures your bra size based on selfies. Yep, this is the future people.

Despite being relatively new on the scene, ThirdLove has already pulled some serious backers. We’re talking lingerie elites such as former CEO of Victoria's Secret, Lori Greeley, and former CEO of Spanx, Laurie Ann Goldstein. 

And it makes sense why. The brand is doing things differently, like shorter strap lengths on larger sizes (for better lift), or a wider width between cups on smaller sizes. They go from sizes AA-F with affordable price points and then, of course, there's the app.

Ah, the app. A stroke of genius. Where once only the bravest would purchase bras online, it's now a totally viable option.

Using advanced and patented image recognition technology, the app processes and reassigns your selfies, turning them into three-dimensional shapes. It then matches these shapes to its database of bras, finding you the perfect fit (half size and all). All image analysis is done through technology on your mobile, so you nobody will see your bra selfies but you.

It's all pretty genius. We can't wait to see where this goes. 


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