Congrats ladies!

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Veronica Stanford

It’s just been announced that macgraw has taken out the Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award supported by Harper’s BAZAAR. The label joins the likes of Dion Lee, Josh Goot and Romance Was Born, as winner of the prestigious award.

The critically acclaimed label, which first debuted at MBFWA in 2014, went up against Celeste Tesoriero (NSW), Hokum (VIC), Kacey/Devlin (NSW) and Kloke (VIC).

Aside from winning a nice shiny trophy, the sister-duo behind macgraw will receive prizes totalling a value of $100,000. The pair will have the opportunity to fly to New York and meet the Tiffany & Co. design team, as well as receive free legal services by K&L Gates, lookbook styling assistance from Harper’s BAZAAR and a nice $10,000 cheque.


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Pop it in your basket ASAP before anxiety takes hold.
Too many sales, not enough wardrobe space.
On a side note, go out and by yourself a wide belt, stat.
"I like the idea of how we as Australians are really in awe of everything that’s going on overseas, but really we take a...
"We looked at Japanese Bosozoku girls, which is an underground subculture of female biker gangs in Japan."
"I guess I feel a bit, not like the underdog, but I am very different to everyone else here."
"Well it was quite interesting last year, the fire alarm was set off by a steamer and we all had to evacuate."
'You are never going to see us do the same sort of thing or send the same thing down the runway."
"But this is the pinnacle, the most important award in the country."