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Elle O'Donnell

Ladies, we all understand that feeling when you are working out forever away from a bathroom, but you really gotta go...

Whether you’re a runner, walker or just prefer to exercise outdoors, when you gotta go, you’ve got a problem.

But Colorado-based women’s activewear label, Boulder, now offers a solution to this common dilemma with the ‘Gotta Go running skirt.’

And despite it seeming a little unusual, when the company introduced the idea in an April Fool’s email, women everywhere were very interested.

It looks like your typical running skirt, however underneath it’s a whole new ball game. Under the skirt is a pair of mini shorts, with a nice big relief hatch sealed with velcro. When you gotta go, you can squat down, undo the hatch, and empty the drink bottle without getting unchanged. This means you can relieve yourself with no risk of flashing passers by unintentionally, and without wasting time positioning yourself to avoid any other embarrassing possibilities. 

Via Kickstarter the skirt has already raised  $35,000 goal, well before its end date. We're excited, because that means it is coming soon.

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