Also, sustainable daywear.

Words by

Eliza Sholly

It’s a pretty short list of things that actually motivate me to exercise, however the opportunity to wear cute activewear is up towards the top.

It seems ALAS has heard my dilemma, because the sleepwear label has introduced a new line that is giving me some serious gymspiration.

Following a series of extremely successful bedtime drops, the brand has now expanded into the casual daywear and activewear markets.

The new collection is divided into three important phases of our daily movements: Wake, Move and Sleep. This will allow you to take ALAS from the sheets to the streets, free from fear that you will be ridiculed for wearing your pyjamas outside the house.

And while the idea of wearing cute gym clothes is aaalmost enough to get me to the gym, the brand has decided to give me an extra push.

Each piece in the new collection is made using completely sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton, handwoven chambray and recycled PET stretch fabric. 

The fabrics are then woven into classic silhouettes with original prints, that can be mixed and matched for all times of the day.

Let's hope this is enough to get me exercising on a regular basis. If not, at least I'll look good while I make excuses. 


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