Drawing some negative responses.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

We’re only a day into the festival program but it seems that MBFWA couldn’t pass without a little controversy. 

That controversy is surrounding Australian label Misha Collection and the use of Beyoncé’s tune ‘Formation.’

The track was played at the finale of the Misha Collection runway and a snippet of this was posted to IMG Models’ Instagram account. 

Now, the video is drawing some pretty negative responses. Namely, that using this song on a runway with mostly white models was inappropriate, given that ‘Formation’ was written in support of the Black Lives Matter social movement.

Playing the song has drawn attention to the lack of diversity on that particular runway, with comments on the IMG Instagram including:

“Love their stuff but where is the variation in skin colours for their models”

“Why are they walking to ‘Formation’? Not one black model or POC in sight”

“Vomit white people belittling the meaning behind ‘Formation’"

Others have argued that music should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their race.

This year’s MBFWA has already included several models of colour and we’re hoping to see more diversity on the coming runways.


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