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Take note boys.

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Giulia Brugliera

There's a clash of head and heart that happens at the MSFW: MR Runway.

I learnt this first hand. It was as I sat staring longingly into a male model's eyes when I realised that:

a) he couldn't see me, and
b) I really should be watching the clothes (not comparing jawlines of the models).

So as my eyes began drifting to all the wrong places, I sat and repeated my mantra of watch the clothes. Watch the clothes. Watch the clothes.

And it worked. Because what followed Mr Dreamy Eyes down the runway was an incredibly good looking and super-attractive series of oufits.

It was a fashion show, not a funeral, so suits were bright, shirts were loud and styling was on point. Which was good, as it made the looks entirely wearable.

Take note boys, you can rock a floral blazer if you pare it back accordingly. I'm now almost 100 per cent certain that I can convince my boyfriend to wear a blush-coloured blazer.


Aside from the fact that colour is back baby, there were a few other pointers to take from the show.

  • Cropped ankles = good.
  • Pocket squares = great.
  • Muted pastels = for the win. 

Et Al was a standout. Breaking the all-suit mould, they gave us raw, oversized and borderline adrogynous looks in soft linens and only black and white. Just like the soundtrack to the evening it was was all very Kanye. 

We also learnt that accessories are super important this season. Be adventurous with your shoe choice guys. Play with sneaker styles or opt for a different colour leather. We hope to see at least one of you in silver derbys this season. 


Brandon Cook

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