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All summer vibes and bangers.

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Giulia Brugliera

What a way to wrap up fash week you guysss!

Resort closed MSFW in the best way possible. It was all summer vibes and bangers. 

Every single model looked like they'd just returned from the Bahamas but minus the peeling shoulders us normies always get. Also can we all pledge to rock a slick of turquoise eyeline on our lower lid this summer? 

The show kicked off with a bang. Aussie icons We Are Handsome showcased their signature printed 'kinis alongside their newly-launched activewear range. If handsome means smokin' hot then yes, yes you are. 

Duskii backed it up with zip-up neoprene styles that have us promising to take up surfing this summer. They were sleeeeeek.

Abs followed. I mean FRANKS. Franks followed with a fun series of boardies that were just the right balance of 'yay summer!' and cool chilled-out surfie guy. 

Suboo dropped the perfect summer swimwear prints in teeny weeny cuts. And then came the resort wear.

Trelise Cooper went all out with colour and was amazing. She played with raffia and dropped these flamingo-print palazzo pants. If summer was an item of clothing, it would be those pants. Those pants rule.

Easton Pearson absolutely nailed it with seventies colour palettes and off-the-shoulder voluminous cuts.

But it was Stella Jean who stole the show. Born in Rome and of Caribbean origin, she seemed to draw on African influences for super-bright prints that clashed in a very good way. 

Thank you MSFW for pretending with us that summer is finally here. You the best. 


Brandon Cook

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