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Giulia Brugliera

It would appear that Melbourne's fash crowd has some serious stamina. Despite being the final night of a huge eight days of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, eyes were bright and voices were unmistakeably bubbly. Perhaps it was thanks to the free Campari? 

(It was definitely thanks to the free Campari.)

Closing night brought out designs from Camilla, Lee Mathews, Camp Cove, Obus, Gorman, Suboo, Swash at Christine and Stella Jean at Christine.

The Resort runway opened with next level swimwear by who else? You guessed it. Camilla. Her prints were unabashed, splashed across onepieces, high waisted 'kinis and boardies that were all paired with equally bright jewellery courtesy of Colette.

Camp Cove followed, showing why it has been tipped as *the* label to watch as we head into spring.  

Lee Mathews turned it down a notch, making us happy with relaxed, easy styles. Special props to the label for this completely beautiful dress which you absolutely should not buy because I want it. (Do not buy it.)

Gorman proved why we all love Gorman so much. The Melbourne label backed up a strong sartorial run with its new era of delicious Gorman prints.

Yet despite the incredible calibre of design talent on show, it's undeniable the highlight was Stella Jean at Christine. The Italian designer proved that you should a) go bold for spring and b) work a little bit of European into your wardrobe, it looks great.

Feelings were matched at the finale by the requisite Resort confetti cannon, while models literally danced off the runway. 

Shoutout and a giant thank you to the all the MSFW team for what has been an enjoyable, successful, stimulating, innovative and inspiring week.


Brandon Cook

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