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One of the first talent agencies to tap into the uprise of bloggers, Digital Brand Architects, has continued to innovate.

The agency has announced the launch of its brand new platform, set to help bloggers launch their own labels without the help of third party companies. It's called Digital Brand Products (or DBP for short).

DBP will assist bloggers in launching fashion, food and lifestyle lines by offering financial and operational support, as well as expertise managing the product and brand-building process.

“We are building brands with talented and influential individuals across the fashion, food and lifestyle arenas, as well as identifying great products and product categories and connecting them with an online consumer, marketed primarily through digital channels,” said Daniel Landver, CEO of DBP.

“Our influencer partners have built great brands already with devoted and dedicated followers, and they have a voice and aesthetic they want to convey through product development. The biggest challenge is how to do that well. DBP solves that challenge through expertise in product development, manufacturing, ecommerce, merchandising and marketing.”

Three product lines are already in the pipeline for October, with an anticipated 10 new influencer brands to be released by the end of the year. 

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Image via DBP blogger, Song of Style.

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