♪ As we go on, we remember ♪

Words by

Tara Smith

Remember how Regina George would pretend to be everyone’s best friend but was actually a total biatch behind their backs?

Well, turns out Mean Girls is a little more realistic than we thought. A new study has found half your friends don't actually consider you a friend. Ouch.

The study, conducted by Plos One, surveyed students across the US, Europe and Israel about their friendships and the results were pretty Regina George-y.

Only 50% of friends had reciprocal relationships. That is, only half the people had friends that also considered them to be friends too.

Before you get ultra sad and start deleting all your group profile pics, the study also discovered two golden rules of friendship.

If you have plenty of mutual friends and a similar social status, you’re friends.

But if someone has significantly more friends than you and is a bit of a Regina, they’re less likely to consider you a friend, soz.

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