RIP our bank accounts.

Words by

Eliza Sholly

If you’ve been in the buy/sell game for as long as us, you’ve probably spent hours trawling the online designer marketplace, Vestiaire Collective.

If not, our enthusiasm around this news might be a little lost on you.

The global leader for online luxury consignment has just launched in Australia, meaning users are now able to buy and sell locally from an Australian url, with Australian dollars. RIP our bank accounts.

If you aren’t currently aware of this thriving/beautiful hub, allow us to introduce you.  

Since opening in 2009, the site has accumulated over 6 million users worldwide, creating a new community of shoppers. What makes the platform so unique, however, is the catalogue of 600,000 designer items that once sold, are expertly checked for quality and authenticity.

The community of sellers submits 30,000 new items every week, enabling buyers to hunt amongst over 3,200 pieces a day. It’s basically a bottomless pit of everything that is great/beautiful in this world.

And to ensure all product sold on the site is authentic, Vestiaire signed the ‘Fight Against Online Counterfeiting Charter’ in France, working closely with luxury brands to ensure zero tolerance to counterfeit goods.

Sellers post an item for sale, similar to eBay or other online marketplaces. Unlike others, however, sold items must be sent to Paris HQ where a team of luxury and vintage experts inspect the item for quality and authenticity. Once certified, the piece is then sent to the buyer.

To celebrate this sensational news, Vestiaire Collective has partnered with Margaret Zhang who will be curating an exhibition of her photographs alongside available product, like Birkin bags and Prada heels.

The exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday May 13 at the Comber Street Studio in Paddington from 10am-3pm.

Get excited, people.


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