Being a bad lady shall have negative connotations no more, as the new P.A.M X CRUMPLER SS14 has dropped. The second range includes three multi-purpose bags in durable and lightweight polyester Ripstop and comfortable webbing handles and a rubber print logo. The bags also feature six different full coverage P.A.M. Graphic prints - awesome. The Drawstring Bag/Tote can be worn as a backpack, or if you prefer to swing it over your shoulder it has additional carry handles.

The Pouch can be worn around the neck, waist or across the body (yep, bumbags just got cool you guys.) And lastly, the Large Shopper converts to a waist pack, with additional eyelets, allowing it to be used as a wall hanging. These bags are mighty durable too because Ristop has a three dimensional structure, made using a special reinforcing technique.

Resistant to tearing and ripping it’s even used in yacht sails and parachutes. We can’t wait to make one of these our new magic bag of tricks.


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