Recycling your old gear.

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Veronica Stanford

Patagonia has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion for a while now. The brand is following on from the release of its re//collection – a line of clothing made from 100 per cent recycled materials – with a new recycling initiative.

It's just launched Worn Wear, an e-store which sells repaired second-hand Patagonia clothing.

The new initiative is an expansion of the brand’s pre-existing Worn Wear program, which saw consumers trading in broken garments and gear for free repairs. Now the program is purchasing old Patagonia products back, repairing them and listing them for sale via the Worn Wear site. US customers who trade in their Patagonia pieces will receive a voucher to use at Patagonia or on Worn Wear.

All of the products listed on the Worn Wear store are cleaned using CO2, which saves water and energy when compared to conventional cleaning methods. The site also features comprehensive care and repair guides for Patagonia pieces, to promote the repair of garments, rather than the purchasing of new ones.

Currently, the Worn Wear online store is only open to American residents. You can still, however, take your worn out Patagonia items into any Aus store to receive free repairs and alterations.


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