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Carving your way into the fashion industry isn’t exactly as simple as nailing the art of dressing for an interview – which, btw is still super important.

One way that seems to be popular in prepping for fashion-industry success is gaining a sparkling degree from a pretty swish fashion school.

And why the hell not? Especially when two of our very own are rated among the top fashion schools in the world, according to fashion news website, Fashionista. #Proud.

The website has been ranking fashion schools since 2010.

Making the list this year from the land Down Under is RMIT University in 21st place, followed by TAFE Institute of Technology securing 22nd. 

And it comes as no surprise with both schools shooting out fashion legends Toni Maticevski and Dion Lee, respectively.

Fashionista’s ranking is determined through a comprehensive criterion. Each school is weighed against categories that aim to help prospective fashion students find their perfect fashion school fit.  These categories include annual tuition, student and alumni feedback, famous and successfully placed alumni, quality of the faculty, practical and business training on offer, career counselling and financial aid options.

Fashionista isn’t the only place Melbourne’s RMIT University has been seen ranking among some of the high-end fashion institutions. Business of Fashion’s ‘global school fashion ranking’ positioned the university as the ninth best fashion school in the world. 

It’s a noticeable difference from Fashionista’s 21st ranking, which may come down to the method each used for ranking.

BoF methodology covers similar categories to Fashionista’s, in rating fashion schools. The ranking is based on three major indicators: global influence, learning experience and long-term value. The major difference between the two systems is this: BoF’s metholodology gets down to the nitty gritty (and important) aspects of school such as resources, quality of teaching and preparedness. 

The downfall is, BoF’s data is limited to 24 participating institutions, which means some great schools could be left out. Case in point, Sydney’s TAFE Institute of Technology was nowhere to be seen. *sad face emoji*

Either or, if you’re looking for what fashion school or program suits you best, both rankings ought to help you out.

You can read the Fashionista report here and view BoF's ranking here.

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