The truth comes out.

Words by

Zoe Beer

The only thing that's the same level of cruel as fake pockets, is that seemingly useless mini pocket in your jeans.

We’ve all tried to fit something tiny in there, only to get it stuck and wonder why the hell it exists if even a two dollar coin could be trapped forever.

Well thanks to Levi Strauss & Co. we finally have an answer. Seeing as the brand made the first blue jean in 1873, we can probably take its word as gospel.

According to the Levi's blog, the mini fifth pocket was designed to be a 'watch pocket'. A place for cowboys to keep their pocket watch safe while they were out doing all their… cowboy things.

The mystical pocket used to be 4-inches wide but has since shrunk as wristwatches grew in popularity.

And now, like an appendix, something that once had a use is now pointless. And yet it’s still there.

Maybe the watch pocket is just a little reminder of the evolution of fashion. Just don’t trust it with your valuables, you may never get them out again.


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