Blending the lines between fashion and art.

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While the benefits of online shopping are obvious (trackies, wine, no one judging), there’s nothing better than visiting your local brick-and-mortar. Timaginarium is showing us why, bringing together fashion and art in a gorgeous light-filled space.

Need to know: This store brings together more than 20 unique designers from Belgium, France, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Australia. Timaginarium blends the lines between fashion and art, bringing a little magic to Sydney.

You’ll buy: Designer clothing as well as accessories, jewellery, perfume, shoes and art objects for your home.

Brands: Akira, Louise Kragh, Jean Paul Knott, Amore, PALA Jewelry, M.Micallef, Timaginarium and more.

Ideal for: Fashion and art lovers.

Price range: $10 - $900 (average $200) 


11A Transvaal Avenue
Double Bay, NSW 2028

Natasje Garbers

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