Colour, texture and tassels.

Words by

Amber De Luca -Tao

Like sugar, spice and everything nice, Frill & Frank mixes colour, texture and tassels to create seriously good looking accessories.

The label sees designer, Joelle Boelen, combine her background in industrial design with a passion for textiles.

Frill & Frank’s handcrafted pieces are all made from premium Italian and Australian leather offcuts, that are combined with repurposed jewellery parts.

The offering includes a range of playful and vibrant necklaces, earrings and key chains – each with a dynamic combo of contrasting leathers, both hand-painted and natural.

If you prefer a more reserved colour scheme, there’s also a selection of pieces in muted nude, sandy and camel tones.


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Equal parts style and substance.
Forging a well-earned reputation.
High performance. Low carbon footprint.
A lesson in power dressing.
With soul, creativity and love.
Championing the slow fashion movement.
Blurring the line between corporate and casual.
Easy additions to any wardrobe.
Inspired by a handful of Skittles.
Satisfy your inner bohème.
It's what's on the inside that counts.
Clean, modern, youthful designs.
For when you want look like the most Instagrammable version of yourself.
File under cute present ideas.
Two generation’s worth of influences collide.
Local, ethical, feminist.
Delivering cute couples' sweatshirts.
We have a penchant for minimal jewellery.
Rejoice for affordable cashmere.
Shipping Aussie brands for free.
Here to declutter your life.
A fresh approach to your wardrobe.
Environmentally sustainable jewellery.
Inspired by all things greater than us.
Quality leather for quality guys.
In a Smith State of mind.
Basics don't need to be basic.
You can never get too many compliments.
Locally cast jewellery for the discerning wearer.
In with the old, in with the new.
A rainbow of fabrics, homewares and stationery.
Sustainable and ridiculously good looking.
Interpreting shape for the human form.
Sourced and shared from South Africa.
This Adelaide label is dominating.