A lesson in power dressing.

Words by

Kaitlyn Wilson

Isadora Nim could give us all a lesson in power dressing.

Creating custom-made and well-tailored corporate wear, bridal suits and even tuxedos, the team behind Isadora Nim set out to fill an existing void for women.

Seeing the huge demand for men's suits while working as tailors, the team was influenced to bring the same offering to the opposite sex. At the time, there was little around that catered to the varied body types of women.

This changed with the arrival of Isadora Nim, with the label taking it a step further by allowing clients to customise every step. It now offers made-to-order suits with fabric styles, buttons, lapels and pockets able to be personalised.

A tailor is also available to come to you, during work hours and perform complimentary alterations, should you need it.


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Equal parts style and substance.
Forging a well-earned reputation.
High performance. Low carbon footprint.
With soul, creativity and love.
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Easy additions to any wardrobe.
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It's what's on the inside that counts.
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Two generation’s worth of influences collide.
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This Adelaide label is dominating.
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