Exotic leather goods for all.

Words by

Amber De Luca -Tao

The creator of L I N 8 (pronounced /linn/) believes we all deserve the exotic leather goods you find in designer fashion houses. The only thing stopping us? That not-so-cool price tag.

L I N 8 brings us an affordably-priced collection that consists of no more than 57 pieces each year – ensuring the range remains a true, bespoke collection.

The inspiration behind the functional and luxurious accessories comes from the leather itself. Specifically, the textures found in natural leather’s raw and vibrant beauty. 

The L I N 8 offering is designed to be functional and versatile (the iPad sleeve makes for a decent clutch or document carrier), ensuring you get the most use out of your pieces.

To take things up a notch, the brand is also introducing a ‘design your own’ range. You’ll be able to choose your own colour combo by selecting the primary leather and trimmings. There’ll be a monogram option, too.

L I N 8 has also tapped into the sustainable fashion market, complying with international treaty regulations. You can be sure all leather used is sourced from reputable farms and tanneries in Australia and South Africa.

The majority of L I N 8 pieces are created in Melbourne’s south east, with a small number of wallets handmade in Singapore.


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