A swimwear label to know about.

Words by

Eliza Sholly

Bells Beach is synonymous with the kind of surf lifestyle that Blue Crush dreams are made of. This makes U&I the kind of swimwear label we want to know about. 

The brand was born from this seaside hub, dreamt up between sets while surfing in Torquay.  

Its swimwear is designed to complement the grace of female ocean dwellers, filling a gap in the swimwear market – stylish and simple ocean activewear for women.

The brand’s new marble-print range, called STORM, is inspired by storms at Bells Beach that only the strongest of wills can withstand. For this reason, the namesake of each garment is the female title of a famous storm from around the world. According to the label, there is no stronger woman than one that comes from the angry sea. 

The STORM capsule collection is designed around core interchangeable styles from the original, adding more variety to mix and match.

All garments are sun-safe and made in Australia.

The U&I girls have also launched a new initiative, The Women of Bells. It’s a video and interview series spotlighting women who represent the strong and ambitious breed of females that usually exists under the #girlboss hashtag. You can watch the video and get inspired below. 

If you prefer to try before you buy, the U&I ladies opened their first studio and store in 2015. Located in Torquay, the space houses current and upcoming swim and ocean active designs, plus a collection of surfboards, contemporary art and smaller gifts. 

This is the kind of brand that has surf culture within.


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