Nice to meet you.

Words by

Tara Smith

There’s nothing like the work of insanely talented fashion design students to make you feel inadequate about your life’s accomplishments.

For one week in May, a group of RMIT honours students will be showcasing their work alongside that of local, creative artists, at a pop-up store in Melbourne.

The aptly named ‘Nice to Meet You’ store will open at RMIT from May 11 to May 18. Expect a range of handmade fashion goods, accessories, art, photographic prints and music.

The aim is to showcase local artists in a friendly and approachable light, with a series of in-store events going down. Guests will get the chance to meet with the designers and watch both artists and designers create new works in-store.


Nice to Meet You Pop-up Store
Level 1, Building 80
445 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC
Thursday May 11 – Thursday May 18

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