It responds to flash photography with an eloquent swear.

Words by

Laura Kennewell

To be famous seems pretty damn cool. Heappsss of freebies, a glam squad, super famous besties etc. etc. But it can’t all be high heels and cocktails.

Over and over again celebrities have complained about the pestering and intrusive behaviour of the paparazzi. Sometimes we’re kinda like, ‘it’s part of your job’ (hashtag deal with it). But then there are times when the paps go way too far and take invasion to the next level.

For us non-celebs to understand, it’s kinda like hanging out with that one friend who is addicted to Snapchat. You’re ordering a coffee (snap), you’re watching a movie (snap), you’re legit just sitting there (snap). It gets super annoying super quickly, but imagine that allllllll the time.

SHOWstudio founder, Nick Knight, is fed up with the paps and has teamed up with Kate Moss to create a limited edition tee. The tee is a lil bit naughty with the words ‘Fuck You Cunt’ taking front and centre place. There is a nifty catch though – the words are only visible when flash photography is used. Otherwise, it just looks like a plain T-shirt.

The shirts are available online in black or white, and are retailing for approx $100. So next time you’re with that annoying Snapchat-obsessed friend, give them a little surprise when they use the flash.


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