From big business to independent labels.

Words by

Anastasia McInerney

There’s been a recent shift in attitudes towards fashion production. Consumers now want to know the life of a garment before it reaches their wardrobe. 

With fast fashion feeding the insatiable hunger of consumers, quality and ethics often come second. Labels like Collective Closets, Chorus and Yevu are helping to shift the current fashion cycle, introducing a slower approach that supports sustainability. 

We now have a growing desire for awareness and visibility around production practices. With that in mind, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has compiled a panel to talk ethical and sustainable design, from leading labels to small independents. 

The panel will feature editor-in-chief at Intent Journal and head of Media and Communications at Ethical Clothing Australia, Sigrid McCarthy; founder of Well Made Clothes, Courtney Sanders; Vege Threads director, Amy Roberts; and Australia and New Zealand Coordinator of Fashion Revolution, Melinda Tually. 

The event will be facilitated by managing director of GiDi Creative, Grace Dlabik, who is inspiring in her own right. Oh, that, and she has killer hair. 

Grace is also the ambassador for The Social Studio, a non-for-profit social enterprise that provides training and jobs to refugees, supporting sustainable and ethical fashion practice. 

The seminar will be held at RMIT’s Design Hub in Carlton, just a short tram ride from the inner city. 

There are two seminars on Wednesday 31 August. Time to get all educated and shiz. 


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